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Ottawa Community Care Access Centre

The Ottawa Community Care Access Centre (OCCAC) exists to provide in-home health and support services to our community, to coordinate the placement of clients into long-term care facilities and to offer program and service information. When you want short or long-term health care assistance contact the Ottawa CCAC. We help you get the health information and services you need, including assessments, individual care planning and the purchase and coordination of services at home and in school as well as access to long term care facilities.

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Association canadienne de soins et services communautaires

Forme un organisme qui oeuvre a être le porte-parole du secteur des soins et services communautaires qui englobent les services de soutien à domicile, les soins prolongés en établissement et d'autres programmes d'entraide tels que les programmes de livraison de repas. Promeut une gamme de soins et services communautaires de haute qualité, souples, réceptifs et accessibles à l'intérieur d'un continuum ininterrompu de services de santé. (See Details)

Association canadienne de soins et services à domicile

Works to influence national policy directions on key professional and political home care issues. Also works to advance quality home and community care across Canada by expanding the information and knowledge base in order to facilitate informed decisions and best practices at the national, provincial and local level. Advocates for the development and maintenance of a knowledgeable, competent and effective workforce and working environment. (See Details)

Care Watch Toronto
A voluntary non-profit group of individuals and organizations with a focus on in-home long-term care in Ontario. Mission is to establish sustained, accessible, high-quality in-home care for all who need it. (See Details)