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GPI Atlantic

Founded in 1997, GPIAtlantic is an independent, non-profit research and education organization committed to the development of the Genuine Progress Index (GPI) – a new measure of sustainability, wellbeing and quality of life.

 (See Details)
Adsum for Women & Children
Forms a community based organization that supports women and children who are homeless or at risk of becoming so. operates three facilities: Adsum House, an emergency shelter; Adsum Court, a small fifteen-unit apartment building; and, Adsum Centre, providing support and programming, in a residential setting, to 16 women and their children who are trying to address barriers which have led them to experience homelessness. (See Details)
Planned Parenthood Sheet Harbour
Provides a variety of sexual and reproductive health information and services in an environment that respects and supports choice. (See Details)
Chronicle Herald -Halifax
Canadian Cancer Society, Nova Scotia Division
Delivers support programs to cancer patients and information about cancer prevention in Nova Scotia. (See Details)
Planned Parenthood Cape Breton
Provides free services, information and counselling on basic anatomy, sexuality, menstruation, birth control, prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), menopause, and counselling for pregnant women. (See Details)
Women's Place
Health Economics Consulting Services
Irondale Ensemble
Nova Scotia Women's FishNet