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Consejo Nacional de las Mujeres (CONAMU)
Tiene misión de normar y regular la inserción del enfoque de género en los planes, programas y projectos y su obligatoria aplicación en todos los organismos del sector público e institucionalizer políticas públicas en benenficio de la mujeres para alcanzar la iqualidad de oportunidades. // Standardises and regulates the inclusion of public opinion in plans, programs and projects and its obligatory application in all organisations in the public sector; Instigates public policies for the benefit of women to acheive equal opportunities. (See Details)
Mental Health Services, Calgary Regional Health Authority
The Eating Disorder Coordinator is an Alberta Mental Health Board funded Calgary Regional Health Authority operated position that provides a central contact in the Calgary Region for consultation to individuals, families and professionals on eating disorders and the services available to them. This service provides telephone consultation only; not treatment. The EDC also participates in the development of health promotion strategies to reduce the incidence of eating disorders, and assists in program planning both within the CRHA and the broader service network. Currently, the Calgary region is working within a provincial framework to develop Day treatment and some Outpatient Treatment services. This service is not currently available but we are excited to be working with the Alberta Mental Health Board to design this service for individuals at risk or suffering form eating disorders. The CRHA is committed to excellence in providing accessible, accountable and an integrated, community-based health system which promotes shared responsibility for improved health.
Rocky Native Friendship Centre Society: Women's Group
Improves the quality of life for urban aboriginal people. In addition to the Women's Group, also provides services for men, youth and families.
Ben Calf Robe Society
Crossroads Health Unit
Calgary Immigrant Women's Association
Promotes and supports the integration of immigrant women into the community and the larger Canadian society. Offers transportation to programs and/or services, settlement and integration support, information and referral services, family conflict resolution, language instruction and translation and parenting programs. An emergency fund is available for abused women. (See Details)
Health Promotion Information Centre
Alberta Health and Wellness
Government of Alberta health ministry page. Provides links to new initiatives, resources and publications, health services to Albertans, public health information, and regional health authorities. (See Details)
Yellowhead Tribal Services Agency
Youville Women's Residence