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Regional Centre for Health Promotion & Community Studies
Midwifery Regulation Advisory Committee
Provincial Health Authorities of Alberta
ALS Society - Northern Alberta Office
Provides support and counselling for people with ALS, their families, and caregivers; funds medical research into ALS; and develops and produces public awareness and educational materials. (See Details)
Visions Centre of Innovation
Visions is a Centre of Innovation committed to developing and communicating a deeper understanding of Aboriginal population health. Aboriginal identity, traditions, culture and relationship patterns are integrated in the Visions mandate. Visions strives to build and maintain effective partnerships with Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal communities through..... 1) health promotion - technical and organizational support for national, regional and local health promotion initiatives directed toward Aboriginal People; 2) health innovation research and evaluation - applied research related to Aboriginal population health and related "best practices"; 3) information sharing and networking - using technology and conventional means to facilitate effective communication, skills development and knowledge transfer among community-based service providers. (See Details)
Indo-Canadian Women's Association Millwoods Centre for Immigrants
Strathcona Shelter Society Ltd.
Centre for Health Promotion Studies
Northern Lakes College
Hidden Costs/Invisible Contributions
Forms a collaborative, interdisciplinary research program that is creating a deeper understanding of the place in society of those currently characterized as 'dependent,' specifically older adults and adults with chronic illness or disability. (See Details)