The Story of Change: Can shopping save the world?

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Can shopping save the world? The Story of Change — a free new movie from the exciting Story of Stuff project — urges viewers to put down their credit cards and start exercising their citizen muscles to build a more sustainable, just and fulfilling world.

While there has been much made lately of the power of consumers to simply make change in our environment by buying “green”, there is so much more we as citizens can and should do to help create a healthier, more sustainable world.

As Annie Leonard, narrator of The Story of Change, says, “When we shop, it’s good to choose products without toxic chemicals and unnecessary packaging, made by locally-based companies that treat their workers well. But our real power is not in choosing from items on a limited menu; it is in determining what gets on that menu. The way to ensure that toxic, climate-disrupting choices are replaced with safe and healthy alternatives – for everyone, not just those who can afford them – is by engaging as citizens: working together for bigger, bolder change than we could ever accomplish as individual consumers.”

Find out more and watch the movie on The Story of Stuff website.