Call for papers: Reproductive health history in Canada

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Article submissions due November 1, 2012
Decision letters on refereed articles March/April 2013
Revised articles due September 2013
Publication 2014 (second issue)

Guest editors of this special issue of Canadian Bulletin of Medical History are Shannon Stettner and Tracy Penny Light. Women’s bodies have always been sites of struggle – over meanings and for control.  The most polarizing conflicts involve women’s reproductive health and autonomy.  Women’s bodies are a terrain contested by and between the medical establishment, the state, churches, the media, and activists. Battles over meanings and rights also pit men against women and women against one another.  Further complicating these conflicts are issues of race, class, gender, and heteronormativity. Article submissions should seek to illuminate these struggles for meaning and control in innovative ways. Subjects may include, but are not limited to: abortion, contraception, pregnancy, sterilization, in/fertility, treatments and technologies, surrogacy, adoption, gynaecological health, menopause, sexuality, breastfeeding, reproductive health activism. Scholars are invited to submit articles by November 1, 2012. Articles should not exceed 9,000 words (including endnotes).

Further submissions guidelines can be found on their website.

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