Health promotion in Canada: critical perspectives on practice

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Irving Rootman (ed.)
Sophie Dupéré (ed.)
Ann Pederson (ed.)
Michel O’Neill (ed.)
3rd ed.
Canadian Scholars' Press
Publication Date: 
April 2012
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Toronto, ON

A comprehensive profile of the history and future of health promotion in Canada. Maintains the critical, sociological, and historical perspective of the previous two editions but with a greater focus on health promotion practice. Contains 18 chapters by prominent academics, researchers, and practitioners, as well as concluding thoughts by Ilona Kickbusch, one of the key actors of the global health promotion movement for over 30 years. Covers a broad range of topics, including key theories and concepts in health promotion; ecological approaches; Aboriginal approaches; health inequalities; reflexive practice; ethics; the Canadian health promotion experience in a global context; and issues, populations, and settings as entry points for intervention. The emphasis throughout is on the links between theory, research, and practice. Each chapter concludes with thought-provoking discussion questions and carefully chosen resources for further study, making this an ideal text for courses in health sciences, nursing, and related disciplines.

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320pp, paperback, includes index.