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Check out PharmaWatch Canada’s new blog Working for Consumer Rights, Safe Medicines & Products

PharmaWatch Canada was founded to support “direct-from consumer” reporting of adverse reactions to prescription medicine. Their goal is to highlight and validate consumer experiences and heighten consumer involvement in adverse drug reaction reporting.

In addition to documenting these experiences, they aim to facilitate networking among individual consumers and advocacy groups who share their concerns about the lack of adequate post-market monitoring by the pharmaceutical industry and Health Canada.

PharmaWatch has launched this blog to shed light on some of the most significant policy, research, legislative and program issues related to the safety and efficacy of prescription drugs, vaccines and medical devices in Canada. They believe that the Canadian public, patients, physicians, policy analysts, researchers, academics, authors, politicians and the media have a right to know how our drug approval and monitoring system works, how it compares to other international jurisdictions, the factors influencing decision making and whether Health Canada is protecting our health and safety.

Many, perhaps most Canadians, believe that prescription drugs, vaccines and medical devices are widely tested before being submitted to a rigorous approval process and, after being deemed safe and effective, are continuously monitored once they are on the market and being used. They may think that new drugs on the market are approved because of exciting and innovative research and that the newest drugs are often the best and safest choice even though they are the most expensive.

There should be a new blog every 2-4 weeks. Check it out!