Sky woman: indigenous women who have shaped, moved or inspired us

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Sandra Laronde (ed.)
Theytus Books Ltd
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Penticton, BC

Presents a collection of poetry, short stories and visual art that honours the legacy of Sky Woman.

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ABGN.S52 2005
ISBN 1894778197
Review, March 2006: Earth and creation, as we know it, was born when Sky Woman fell from the stars through a hole in the sky. Since then, Indigenous women have inherited her legacy-resourcefulness, resilience and the will to keep falling and moving forward. They fall to better ground because of the many women who have gone before them. This book gathers memoirs, poetry, fiction and visual arts from nearly 40 writers and artists from 22 Indigenous nations from across Canada, the United States, Mexico, the Pacific Islands and Japan. These women, all from different generations, speak from the heart about the many Indigenous women who have shaped, moved or inspired them.